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 Did you know that Anime Fans where this stuff?

Pretty sad.  We have to Protest this to.  Communists countries like China produce these costumes. Everytime someone buys these costumes, money goes out of America and into China.  If we boycotted this it would help our economy.  Why didnt the government think of this???






Anime is a plague.  And i have a plan to stop it.  I have a plan to go to Fanime.  Me and many other PAA members will stay outside the building while protesting. 



Did you know that pio is a total vagina? He jacks off to Mel Gibson.  We all know that pio is a vagina, but now its gotten worse.  He has admitted he is against the paa and he has also admitted he is a faget hermaphrodite.  We gotta get this gay fuck off the American streets. And back in San Francisco to go to a gay parade so he can fuck his dad proudly in front of all his gayass faget friends


Did you know that anime causes child molestations every day? I checked this stuff out on another site.  Theres cartoon child porn on this stuff.  Just to let you know, not only is anime retarded, but it also stanks and is home of the pediphiles... i'm not a radical.

I finally found a meaning for this site.  Our new goal is to go onto anime forums and corrupt them as much as we can.  We need to convert as many anime lovers as we can.

Also check out some anti anime petitions banning anime from America.  There's already about 8000 signatures, but they need like 20 thousand cuz internet signatures are as useful as a box of condoms in an anime fan's bedroom.
Ill put some links to it on my website

This website was made to stop one of the main communist revenue sources...ANIME. If think i am retarded for saying this youre retarded, but Anime is supporting communism. All the people that author these retarded books are putting their revenue into... you guessed it, communism countries like CHina and South Korea. AS Americans, we must stop these communist homos by boycotting Anime. But most of all, Anime is dangerous because.. its super.. retarded

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